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True financial advisory – a journey of optimizing your resources in alignment with what you treasure in life. Get better value, build towards 7-digit portfolios*, and still live your life today.

*The possibility of attaining a 7-digit portfolio varies with each individual’s financial circumstance and is not assured.

Optimise your Resources
Live Life
Everlasting Treasure
Gain Clarity
Hello, This is Rachael aka Rae

Everlasting Treasure is the heart of what I do since starting my financial advisory practice with finexis advisory in 2017. I believe that where your treasure is, there your heart will be. This is especially since finance impacts almost every aspect of our lives.

That is why I work by word-of-mouth only – mutual trust and fit are important. It is also why I believe in a holistic advisory approach that gives clarity, confidence and access to a wide array of partners for finance and beyond.

95% of the portfolios I’ve reviewed were not of great value and not aligned with the life goals of working professionals and mid-management who have many competing demands to juggle.

Manage your finances and life, don’t let them manage you.
Whether it’s aligning your portfolio or getting better value for investments, insurance, estate planning and mortgage, let’s connect in person or over zoom to see if there’s a fit.

Blessings, Rachael/Rae

Have you ever wondered…

Am I getting good value for what I’m paying?
What should I invest in?
Can what I’m doing bring me to where I want?
I want to invest, how should I allocate across platforms and sectors?
I have agents, but no holistic advisor.

because you’re not the only one..

It’s the Advisory journey that makes all the difference

Gain Clear Holistic Insight

Consults & Reviews that prioritise gaining clarity on what’s most important to you, with a databacked precise picture of your financial health and progress towards your goals

Optimise Your Resources

Resources include your time, money (investments, insurances, loans, finances, estate) and personal strengths. Based on a clear philosophy that ensures you get value without overpaying, optimisations are suggested and income streams built to suit your life goals.

Live Your Life

Live a better life with greater assurance that optimising and focusing resources on what truly matters to you helps you gain time and money instead of setting you back

let’s connect

If something here resonates with you, feel free to connect with me over ice cream, connect me with a friend, or have an initial discovery consultation to see if we fit to work together. After an hour over zoom or in person, we can either walk away as a connection, friends, and/or potential working partners journeying together.

let’s connect

* Rachael would like to thank your family/friend, as she works exclusively by word-of-mouth
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